Cook Medical Launches Less Painful Needle For Ovum Collection

Cook Medical has announced the launch of its new Otrieva Tapered Ovum Aspiration Needle for ovum collection in women pursuing in vitro fertilization. The company claims its new needle’s reduced diameter will result in reduced pain and bleeding during the procedure compared to existing solutions, while still providing precise collection.

The Otrieva also makes use of Cook’s EchoTip technology to further enhance safety by improving the needle’s ultrasound visibility.

From the press release:

The Otrieva needle, developed exclusively by Cook, has a consistent inner diameter to minimize trauma to the egg during collection, but features a smooth taper that creates a small needle puncture while still allowing physicians the control of a rigid needle.

Ovum collection, typically performed under local anesthesia with conscious sedation on an outpatient basis, is one of the first steps for couples pursuing in vitro fertilization. Using a smaller needle has been shown to result in a 19 percent pain reduction in patients with no adverse effects on the oocytes collected.

Press release: Cook Medical Launches Otrieva™ Tapered Ovum Aspiration Needle for Follicle Collection

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