The Undy 5000: A Brief Run To Fight Colon Cancer

I recently met with Tim Turnham, CEO for the Colon Cancer Alliance, to find out what’s been going on in his neck of the woods. He presented me with one of the best non-profit marketing pitches I’ve seen in a long time. His team is organizing a series of races designed to raise support and awareness for colon cancer. The theme? Running the race in your boxer shorts. The title:

The UNDY 5000: A Brief Run To Fight Colon Cancer (see image of Indy 5000 flags made of boxer shorts)

Become an UNDY 5000 sponsor today… because time is short.

I love it.

If you or your organization would like to sponsor a race, check out this website or contact Fran Campion Watson, Director of Events at the Colon Cancer Alliance. Phone: 202-731-0122.

I hope that proceeds will go towards research that will help friends like mine who are battling colon cancer.

For more information about colon cancer (from one of the nation’s prominent researchers) check out Dr. Heinz Josef Lenz’s colon cancer curriculum at Revolution Health.This post originally appeared on Dr. Val’s blog at