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Chinese Toothpaste: Not Good

I’ve been expressing my concerns over the recent quality control issues in China – first the melamine in pet food, then the contaminated medicines, next the anti-freeze in toothpaste.  The New York Times has an interesting piece on the toothpaste scandal.  But they miss an interesting issue at play: cost cutting is the underlying cause of all this.

Antifreeze (diethylene glycol) is less expensive and mimicks the flavor of mouthwash.  Melamine (the poison recently found in pet food ingredients) is a cheap filler product that increases the apparent protein content of pet food.

So China was putting these cheaper imitation ingredients into their products to improve their bottom line, not because they were particularly interested in causing the death of people and pets.

And before we point a finger at them… let’s think about why the toxic toothpaste got into our hospital and prison systems: because the administrators were trying to buy the cheapest possible products to save on costs.  And the least expensive items are often from China.  This is a good example of how cost cutting can endanger lives – with both the US and ChinaThis post originally appeared on Dr. Val’s blog at

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  1. BELUVED1 says:

    I just recently watched SICK , and it was fantastic, and really sad in content. I really dont understand why we as a country, are so backwards in regards to healthcare. It is clearly become a politcal issure rather than a issue about the people. This is why I am hoping that Hilary Clinton becomes president, I know she has my vote. I think she  is one of the few individuals that would make a change for the better. I currently have no health care becuase I cannot afford it. I have high blood pressure, bi polare, sleep apnea , I will soon have to make a decision.,…. do I buy my medicine, or do i choose  food and rent?  After watching the movie, i tell you I was seriously considering relocating to France, or Canada. We spend billions of dollars on the efforts to get other countries on their feet. I think we need to clean up our own backyard first. I pray this movie opens up the eyes of America . Becuase I need some eyeglasses and can afford them.

  2. BELUVED1 says:


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