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Dr. Val, GastroGirl, and Chef Rock – Revolution Health & Hell’s Kitchen?

I watched the final episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” last night – a cooking show where a mean chef berates young chef hopefuls in a series of competitive cooking contests.  The host of the show was almost as vicious as my vascular surgery preceptor in medical school… you docs out there know what I mean.

Anyway, I had the pleasure of being the sous chef for Chef Rock at a recent charity event for celiac disease awareness.  GastroGirl (Jackie Gaulin) and I helped him whip up a delicious, gluten free meal and CNN’s Heidi Collins taste tested our dish.  Although our shrimp and grits lost to a rival “coriander encrusted skate” I always thought that chef Rock was a winner.

And here he is: the top chef of Hell’s Kitchen.  Congratulations, Rock!  I’d be delighted to work as your sous chef in Las Vegas… see you at the B. Smith’s victory party!This post originally appeared on Dr. Val’s blog at

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5 Responses to “Dr. Val, GastroGirl, and Chef Rock – Revolution Health & Hell’s Kitchen?”

  1. Zagreus Ammon says:

    I am so jealous. But you know, Gordon’s a puppy compared to the surgeon at my medical school. He was the guy that did the old stomach stapling procedure…

    I was struck by the irony.

  2. ValJonesMD says:

    Ha!  That is ironic, ZA.  

  3. RH Host Susan says:

    Mmmmm, Dr. Jones… the Shrimp with Marscapone and Parmesean Cheese Grits are making my mouth water!  Sounds SO delicious!

    And I love the way you described Chef Gordon Ramsay as a “mean” chef  I loved watching Hell’s Kitchen each summer, and always look forward to the next season.

  4. RH Host Melissa says:

    Oh that sounds great!  Thanks for sharing it with us.  And I too am a fan of Hell’s kitchen.  

  5. Super Celiac says:

    Hi! It’s me! The Superceliac! i am going to be new in your circles and want to say it has been great getting inputs here at revolutionhealth. 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I lay claim that i have just an outside chance of being a celiac, and claim i have suffered the worst ravages that the genetic function has to offer.I am a thirty percent canidate meaning that 30 percent of the population carries this outside chance to go into full blown celiac sprue.I have the documentation stating i have the chance. I have documentation of many unexplained attacks that many people have witnessed.I have had on many occasions, now what i know to be, dermatitus herpetiphormus. I know personally the alien that tried to explode from my stomache for over 8 years. I call him Vinny! If all i claim is true and anyone is willing to help me prove what i already know. 30 percent of america holds the genetic marker that may or may not lead to full blown celiac sprue. I know what conditions in my life caused them. And i know what it is to survive a sprue now without an attack for over a year. Thank God i found the truth or i know i would be dead today. I know I have brought on attacks in myself now , under controled dosages for the year i have been gluten free. If i so much as eat one plate of pasta I know i would induce a full scaled level 10 pain attack of the evil alien named vinny! I am the answers many look for who have many years of education. without my proof. without my help, they have overlooked me as a dumb drywaller.I am a Superceliac.  I have prodigal gene. I am tone perfect. I could ace coarses faster than the smartest, but couldnt sit still long enough to finish high school.I mastered the arts of war like childsplay, but when the military asked me to attend class to learn german , it knocked my adhd butt out like a can of ether . 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Not totally far fetched seeing as how this nordic gene has also migrated to brazil! I could type poorly all day on this subject and what my simplistic 10th grade dropout mind has found.Sorry no degree on the wall even told me i was a celiac. I had fought for 8 months to prove what they all denied.And guess what! Here I am! Here we go! respondeth away to the nutjob with the robinwilliamsesque mind.I AM THE FINEST DRYWALLER THROUGHOUT THE LANDS!Let my song be song for i rock like jack black!

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