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Heard Around The Blogosphere: Top 10 Quotes Of The Week

Forgive me for not keeping up with my own weekly feature: “heard around the blogosphere.” I’ve been very selfish lately, reading and chuckling to myself without sharing. Let me try to remedy that… Here are my top 10 amusing/noteworthy quotes from around the blogosphere:

1. Dr. Rob: “Santa: I suppose if a guy like me can deliver presents to all of the children of the world without developing a significant budget shortfall, perhaps Obama can deliver quality care for all Americans and save money.  I would suggest he talk to me before he tries, however, because it isn’t as easy as it looks.”

2. Terra Sigillata: “My hiking boots are old enough to go to college.”

3. Edwin Leap: “Disability is not a career choice.”

4. Ten Out of Ten: “At the interdepartmental meeting the surgeon was irritated at all the hospital cafeteria food being fried and suggested offering some healthy entrees.  Turns out they tried that once before but could never sell the healthy stuff.”

5. Respectful Insolence:  And then Carol Alt had to come along. Move over, Jenny and Suzanne, there’s a new model woo-meister in town, and she’s looking to out do you both with her vegan raw food woo after having been totally convinced by–you guessed it!–an anecdote.

6. Scalpel or Sword: “Sometimes, [in the ER] what looks like a quickie really isn’t, so one has to be careful.
Chief Complaint: sprained ankle (Great, send them

Nurses note: pt c/o twisted ankle and vaginal discharge for one week. (Never mind.)

7. Scanman: “Soon, specialists will uniformly be comprised of American medical graduates, while the majority of generalists will be composed of mid-levels and foreign-trained physicians. It’s an interesting demographic glimpse of the future American medical workforce… A new kind of caste/class system where the financially less desirable, menial jobs are relegated to second class citizens.”

8. KevinMD: “Primary care is associated with negative connotations such as bureaucracy, paperwork, and being perceived as the lowest physician on the totem pole. Or as this doctor puts it, “‘PCP’ now seems to be synonymous with overworked, underpaid ‘loser’ who at least by some people’s opinions aren’t carrying their weight.” Taking a tip from marketers, how about re-branding the profession?… “

9. GruntDoc: “C=M.D.  C=75% and that means I know 3 out of 4 diseases, and that ain’t bad.”

10. PearSoup: To pregnant mommy: “Mommy, If there was a fat person contest you would win! Yay!”

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3 Responses to “Heard Around The Blogosphere: Top 10 Quotes Of The Week”

  1. rlbates says:

    I loved all those too!

  2. Strong One says:

    Ahh yes. Thanks for the smile.

  3. QASIDA says:

    so nice and informative collection of quote.

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