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How Do You Explain The Popularity Of TV’s Dr. House?

Would YOU as the patient see a doctor who is a well-known jerk, abuses drugs, gives the wrong diagnosis more often than not, and is known to like ordering very invasive tests??? Be honest…

The other week, a patient with a chronic cough exclaimed to me that she wished the fictional character Dr. House of TV fame actually existed in real life, because he was somebody who can diagnose anything.

I looked her straight in the eye and told her that somebody like Dr. House in the real world would be a physician nobody would want to see for many reasons:

  1. In the real world, patients expect doctors to have the correct diagnosis from the beginning (might forgive one wrong diagnosis). Dr. House seems to always get things wrong multiple times before he gets it right. I seriously doubt most patients would have stuck around as long as they do on the TV shows before going elsewhere.
  2. In order to achieve that correct diagnosis, Dr. House seems to pursue invasive tests which in reality is something patients rarely like to pursue… and often get second opinions to determine if really needed.
  3. Dr. House is fairly abrasive with his colleagues and even with his own patients which pretty much guarantees one star ratings on physician rating websites like and
  4. Dr. House is addicted to vicodin, morphine, and cocaine… That pretty much guarantees loss of hospital privileges and perhaps even his medical license to practice in the real world. Furthermore, what would you do as a patient if you found out that your doctor abuses drugs??? Most will go elsewhere.

So given what I know patients want in reality, it boggles my mind why patients in the real world think Dr. House is so great and wish a fictional character like him truly existed.

To flip things around… the real question is why aren’t real world patients more forgiving of physician fallibility like those on TV? I’m the first to admit that physicians (in the real world) are not perfect though the expectation is that we are.

*This blog post was originally published at Fauquier ENT Blog*

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2 Responses to “How Do You Explain The Popularity Of TV’s Dr. House?”

  1. no need says:

    yes he gets it wrong several times in the cases but DONT FORGET the fact that those cases were ignored by NORMAL doctors Who you claim should have had the idea from the beginning…You might have seen several episodes where a normal Doc would say its hopeless or the patient is lying Dr.House Came up with the correct solution….If I’m sick I’d rather have the correct diagnose from a drug addict than a wrong one from a REAL Doctor….And Mr.Christopher I think you haven’t really had real friends who bugs you and tease you like in school and also he always has a good reason for pushing the other person’s buttons….Anyways It’s sad you had failed to recognize the real idea in the story which is Dr.House’s Brilliance in making connections….

  2. no need says:

    One more thing Why are you wasting Time Writing a totally pointless Article???Are you that jobless or Jealous????

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