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Medical Mythbuster: Mold in Saline Breast Implants

I read online a woman telling about how her saline breast implants got mold and she had terrible problems. Does this happen very often?

A few years ago I put up a YouTube video of my experience with silicone gel breast implants. Now every six months to a year somebody posts a comment about how saline implants are just as dangerous. A frequent portion of that response is a statement about a moldy saline implant. My response is and always has been, if saline implants are so often affected by mold, then why have I never seen it?

I have been implanting (and at times removing) breast implants for over 15 years. You would think if something was a dangerous and common phenomenon that I would be seeing it. I haven’t. Not even once.

A saline implant when left on a table outside of your body can develop mold, but this doesn’t seem to happen inside patients. The difference is probably that when implants are properly placed inside a woman’s breasts, her immune system helps protect them from such problems.

Breast implants have risks, but these risks can be minimized by making good choices….choose good surgical talent and facilities, don’t go too large, put your implants under good soft tissue coverage and stay with saline over silicone implants in most cases.

Understand that there are special interest groups of sorts online that want everyone to believe breast implants are dangerous. These groups exaggerate and fabricate on a regular basis to support that belief.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

*This blog post was originally published at Truth in Cosmetic Surgery*

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2 Responses to “Medical Mythbuster: Mold in Saline Breast Implants”

  1. barb says:

    it only takes one little spore coming in the surgery on somebody\’s clothes for the implant to carry mold into the body. an event doesn\’t have to be prolific for it to be possible and catostrophic. saying it\’s not possible is a gross exageration. almost anything is possible.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I had moldy implants removed from my body last Friday. I can tell you that they were not left on a table. You have to search for this problem online because of doctors that have the same mentality as you do. Women should be educated. Let this rare situation happen to you (or someone you love) and see if you care how often it happens. Nothing is worth what I have been through because of my oh so safe saline implants.

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