HealthRT LogoWhat is HealthyRT?

HealthyRT is a Twitter account managed by a volunteer staff of healthcare professionals. Founded by Dr. Val Jones, CEO of Better Health, LLC, the goal of HealthyRT is to provide Twitter subscribers with a peer-reviewed stream of science-based content, trustworthy health information, and links to excellent medical journalism. It is hoped that those who follow the feed will re-tweet (RT) the links and stories that they find most helpful. By re-tweeting the messages from HealthyRT, subscribers can easily lend their support to the promotion of sound science.

Why do we need HealthyRT?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, misinformation, exaggerated claims, and bad science is promoted (often unwittingly) via social media platforms every day. This can lead to misconceptions that drive poor health decisions. Individuals may seek out unnecessary tests, unsafe or unproven treatments and procedures, or even opt out of effective or life-saving treatments because of misinformation from the Internet. HealthyRT hopes to offer a trusted counter point to misguided or inaccurate health claims and information.

Who are the reviewers for HealthyRT?

Here is a list of reviewers who currently write the tweets from the HealthyRT account:

Name/Degree(s) Specialty Location Social Media
Jay Rosenbloom, MD, PhD Pediatrics Affiliate Assistant Professor at Oregon Health Sciences University Facebook site
John Weiner, MD Allergy/Clinical Immunology Melbourne, Australia site
Robert Miller, MD Oncology/Medical Informatics Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins
Hisham Rana, MD Los Angeles, CA Facebook site
Catherine Anderson, PhD Medical Genetics Vancouver, British Columbia site
Laura Nathan-Garner Communications MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX Facebook site
Paul Storey Health Data Harmonisation Canberra, Australia site
Ryan Madanick, MD Gastroenterology UNC School of Medicine site
Russ Johnson, MD Psychiatry Greeley, CO site
Justin Bosley Medical Student U. Penn, Philadelphia, PA
Nicholas Fogelson, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology site
Elizabeth Lee, MD Surgery Berkeley, CA site
Vijay Sadasivam, MBBS, DMRD, DipNB Diagnostic Radiology Salem, Tamil Nadu, India site
Joseph Albietz, MD Pediatrics/Pediatric Critical Care University of Colorado, Denver site
Damon Ramsey, MD Family Medicine St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, Canada site
Houtan Chaboki, MD Facial Plastic Surgery Washington, DC Facebook site
Natasha Burgert, MD Pediatrics Pediatric Associates, Kansas City, MO site
Ann Becker-Schutte, PsyD Counseling Psychology/Grief & Loss Kansas City, MO Facebook site
Melissa Travis Sociology Columbus, OH site
Howard J. Luks, MD Orthopedic Surgery New York Medical College, Katonah, NY Facebook site
Eric Marcotte, MD Family Medicine Sheridan, Indiana site
Scott Gavura, RPh Pharmacy Toronto, Ontario site

How do I become a reviewer for HealthyRT?

If you are a trained healthcare professional with a commitment to science-based medicine, please contact Dr. Val Jones to be considered for the HealthyRT review team.

Thank you for following HealthyRT on Twitter. I hope that you’ll find our content enlightening and that you’ll support our efforts by re-tweeting our content as much as possible.

With Best Regards,

Val Jones, M.D.