Sponsors, Advertising & Disclosures


Better Health does not accept advertising (no paid banner ads, text links, advertorials, or content). Banner ads on the website are unpaid, and for cross-promotional purposes only.

About The Company

Better Health LLC is an online media company focused on science-based health education through medical blogging. BH’s medical blogger team has included some of the most popular nurse, biotech and physician bloggers on the Internet, together reaching approximately 1.1 million page views/month. BH bloggers write about health policy, news, research, true stories, expert interviews, and other health-related topics. Since January of 2012 we have substantially scaled back our blog post offerings due to the expense of production. Currently, Better Health primarily features original writing from its founder, Dr. Val Jones.

Transparency & FTC Compliance

Better Health (BH) is committed to full transparency of financial ties and potential conflicts of interest, both on a corporate and individual level. In compliance with the FTC’s guidelines for bloggers, BH will disclose (on this page) any source of compensation from purveyors of products and/or services that we endorse at www.getbetterhealth.com. To date, BH has not received any gifts or financial compensation for endorsing any product. Bloggers’ opinions are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of BH or its partner sites.

BH does not accept gifts or financial compensation to embed links in blog posts. All links provided are chosen by their respective authors, without compensation or gifts from BH.

BH also requires contributing bloggers to disclose any potential conflicts of interest outside of their work at BH, including grants, research support, consultant and advisory board relationships, speaker’s bureaus, stocks, shareholders, or other financial interests. These disclosures are featured at the bottom of their respective biography pages.

Our Business Model

BH bloggers do not accept compensation for individual blog posts. Their posts are purely voluntary and do not necessarily reflect the views of BH clients or BH. BH is supported with compensation (fees and honoraria) via 5 different channels:

1. Personal Gifts

Support for the Better Health website is provided primarily from Dr. Val Jones’ physician salary.

2. Consulting

Participating bloggers offer social media how-to’s, focus group feedback, campaign reviews, fact checking, etc. They may also contribute perspectives via conference calls or in-person blogger briefings.

3. Sponsorship

Clients may sponsor a topic-specific event (such as a public health chat with an expert moderator) or blogger training conference. These events are not held at the getbetterhealth.com URL.

4. Content Creation

BH bloggers may be paid to write content for other websites. Paid content is not featured at getbetterhealth.com

5. Talent

Bloggers are available to moderate panel discussions, lecture, emcee events, and/or participate in TV segments or webcasts offline.

Past & Current Clients

BH has received financial compensation from the following companies and organizations related to the activities described in “our business model” section above. Numbers indicate the kind of activity that was compensated:

Johnson & Johnson (4)

The Canyon Ranch Institute (2)

MedHelp.org (4)

The National Library of Medicine (5)

The Center for Medicine in the Public Interest (CMPI) – Advance (1,3)

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America (thanks to a grant from Coca-Cola) (5)

Immunization Action Coalition (5)

The California Endowment (5)

The American Chemistry Council (2, 3)

Monitor Group (2)

Align2Action, Inc. (2)

Togo Run (5)

CHPA Education Foundation (4)

Shire Pharmaceuticals (1, 5)

The Mayday Fund (5)

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. (2, 5)

AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (2)

Merck Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (2)

McNeil Consumer Healthcare (2)

American Resident Project, sponsored by Think Anthem (2,5)