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U.S. Pharmaceutical Sales: The Top 10 List

Misc drugsThe top moneymakers for the U.S. pharmaceutical industry might surprise you. These aren’t necessarily the most prescribed medications (although some of them are), but they’re the top products in terms of sales in 2009. The revenues were in billions:

1. Lipitor – used for high cholesterol: $7.5 billion

2. Nexium – a proton pump inhibitor for GERD: $6.3 billion

3. Plavix – a blood thinner: $5.6 billion

4. Advair Diskus – used for asthma and COPD: $4.7 billion Read more »

*This blog post was originally published at EverythingHealth*

The 2009 Medical Weblog Awards: Vote For Your Favorite Blog

The 2009 Medical Blog Awards

The polls are now open in the Sixth Annual Medical Weblog Awards.

  • Best Medical Weblog
  • The Blog that Ate Manhattan

    Clinical Cases and Images

    Clinical Correlations

    Dr Shock MD PhD

    Gary Schwitzer’s HealthNewsReview Blog


    Musings of a Distractible Mind

    Please vote here… Read more »

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    DC Snowstorm Photos

    balconysnowHow deep is the snow? Judging by my balcony, at least a foot and a half. I asked Mr. DrVal to demonstrate for you with a tape measure – of course, our mischevious kitty, Ona (full name is Ona Riss Kitty) wanted to be in the photo as well.

    I caught these guys (second photo) digging out a Politico newspaper vending machine. Seemed like a very DC thing to do.

    Of course, having grown up in Canada, the snow storm didn’t faze me much. I ventured out to get a salad, some frozen yogurt, and to see the movie Avatar. That was well worth the walk to the theater (saw it in all its 3-D wonder)!

    Mr. DrVal summed it up with his usual dry wit, “It’s The Lion King meets An Inconvenient Truth.”

    Please go see it though – the effects are really amazing.

    All in a winter’s day…


    Reflections On World AIDS Day – Our Global Dilemma

    world-aids-dayWhat does America’s economic recession have to do with a school teacher in Kenya? A lot more than you realize. If there’s one thing I learned at the World Bank’s World AIDS Day event yesterday, it’s that our lives, economies, and health are all inextricably intertwined on a global scale.

    Beldina Atieno (second from the left in the photo) traveled all the way from Nairobi to offer her first hand account of life as an HIV+ school teacher in Africa. Ms. Atieno’s story was both heart-wrenching and eye-opening. She was first diagnosed after her youngest daughter became very ill from an opportunistic infection, which prompted HIV testing in both daughter and mother. After discovering that they were both positive, she was abandoned by her husband and was plunged into poverty and despair. Read more »

    When TEDMED Is Too Expensive… There’s BIL:PIL

    bilpilSince 1990, the annual TED conference (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) has been a popular destination for inspirational, invitation-only speakers offering “ideas worth spreading.” Well, that spreading spilled over into healthcare and inspired the creation of TEDMED, a veritable who’s who of innovators in medicine who happen to be outstanding speakers and entertainers. Unfortunately, TEDMED is a bit pricey and exclusive – charging $4000/ticket to attend – and so some creative young folks decided to create a free sister conference at the same venue. They called it “BIL:PIL” as a kind of riff on Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and keeping “PIL” for a rhyming medical theme. Pretty funny.

    Funnier still is that my friend and Better Health contributor Jonathan Sheffi has lured me into presenting at BIL:PIL. I’ll be joined by some speakers from TEDMED and a gaggle of social media and medical technology innovators. In fact, it’s not too late to register or vote for your favorite speaker at BIL:PIL as programming will not be finalized until September 30th.

    The meeting will be held October 30th and 31st at the San Diego State University BioScience Center in San Diego, California.

    When an open conference in medicine is named after Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – you know it’s going to be entertaining. Hope you can join us. Go sign up now…  😉

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